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Ms yummy gets chummy

Ms. Yummy likes walking around in lingerie or naked. We had just the place for her to do that. Whether orgasm or going, she can get a guy boob-drunk or butt-drunk. This little busty cutie is only 5'1 in her bare feet and has the sex drive of several girls in one busty body. SCORELAND: Have you ever had sex in public Yummy: I'd love to. I've only been fingered, one time in a movie theater. But we didn't have sex. SCORELAND: What about bum sex Do you like it Yummy: I like bum play. Licking and fingering. Having my anus spank and kissed. I had fun with Tony in my first SCORE shoot. I'm still on the fence about real bum sex. SCORELAND: When you give a guy a BJ, do you swallow his load or do you spit Yummy: When I give sucks jobs, I swallow, depending on my kinky mood. I spit sometimes. It can depend on how his cumshot tastes. See More of Ms Yummy at SCORELAND.COM!


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