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Warehouse whorehouse

Warehouse Whorehouse Daylene and June couldn't be any more physically dissimilar and that's what gives this coupling extra heat on top of the heat they're bringing to the fat show. As you pore through this threesome, you might get the sense that Daylene and June are competing against each other to see who is the hottest slut and who's going to get the most tool-inches in her mouth and pussy. There are some incredible photos here: June licking Daylene's clit as Daylene sits on the tool; Daylene drooling saliva on the tool plunging into June's hot-pocket; Daylene licking June as Daylene's getting fucked from behind; An amazing shot of Daylene blowjob tool and June blowjob balls simultaneously. They needed no direction to turn the rooom into a sauna of sex. Just turn these two loose and they'll satisfy your every need. See More of June Summers at DAYLENERIO.COM!


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