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Sex & prominent bras

Sex & big Bras We envy these bra delivery men. They lead such interesting lives. This courier hits the freakin' jackpot when he delivers a box of bras to mega-popular beauty Milly Marks. Guys would kill to be in his position. Milly does more than sign for her delivery. She invites him in to watch her model her new purchases and then teaches him a few things about excited girls that fry his wiener. : As a girlfriend, you are a... MILLY: Definitely a 10, but I've barely had the chance to be a girlfriend. It doesn't happen a lot. : Why are you a 10 MILLY: I'm always excited. I'm always willing to help people out. I'm always there for someone sexually and in any other kind of way. : On a scale of one to 10, your breasts are a... MILLY: Eleven. : Your butt is a... MILLY: You can be the judge of my butt. I'm not crazy about my butt. I think my natural tits are my best feature. : On a scale from one to 10, your gulp job skills are a... MILLY: I'm getting better every day. For an average dick, I'm appealing good. For a porn cock, I'm getting better. It's elegant to put a great dick down your throat, so I'm getting better, I'm trying. I'm a nine out of 10 for an average cock and working toward that for a porn cock. I'd say I'm a seven. : Milly, you're a lot higher than a seven! See More of Milly Marks at .COM!


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