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Curvy bathtime

Is there anything nicer than a fresh-faced girl with a juicy rack Mila's a bit different from the girls we normally feature in 18eighgirl.com. Most of our models are flatties, but Mila is huge bobbies by comparison. And while we love our tiny-titted cuties, we appreciate top-heavy girls like Mila too. Variety is a good thing. Even though her tits are more than a handful, her face is pleasant and innocent. And she'll always be petite. Any weight she gains goes straight to her chest, leaving the rest of her figure trim and taut. She's fresh, tight and cute. Sounds like a grade-A girl to us. Do you dress to show off your bobbies Yes. I like to wear push-up bras and low-cut shirts. When my bobbies first grew I felt uncomfortable with all the looks that I got, but now I like it. I used to wear baggy shirts to try to hide them, but I didn't feel excited like that. I realized that being proud of my body and showing it off made me feel excited. Especially when the boys started to notice. The girls didn't seem to like it too much. They got jealous and spread rumors that my bobbies are fake because they grew so fast, but they are 100 percent real. Anyone who touches and squeezes them can tell that. See More of Mila at 18EIGHTEEN.COM!


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