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Minka & letha weapons

Minka & Letha Weapons Letha Weapons was one of the greatest SCORE Girls of the 1990s. Like all of the mega-boobed stars of SCORE during that decade, Letha flew to London to shoot her SCORE videos and photos with the John Graham staff. From Lisa Lipps, SaRenna Lee and Wendy Whoppers to Tawny Peaks and busty Dusty, every huge-boobed magazine star went there to model. The entire list of girls including naturals such as Alexis Love and Chloe Vevrier is massive. Occasionally, there were shoots in Palm Springs, California. Sometimes there was criss-crossing and the girls were filmed together. Letha and Minka was one of these pairings in London. Veteran SCORE collector and breast-man John from Des Moines, Iowa once wrote When Minka first appeared in SCORE, I kept that copy and couldn't wait to see her in other features. She is definitely the biggest-titted Asian woman I have seen, and I hope that she can maintain that distinction for a long time. Indeed, while almost everyone from that time has retired, Minka continues on.See More of Minka at MEGATITSMINKA.COM!


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