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Breastfully clean

Breastfully Clean Juliana Simms. A mirage of voluptuously curvy, shapely and alluring womanhood. Comely and well-proportioned and, like one of the flowers she cultivates, in full bloom. SCORELAND: So, Juliana, how long does a bra last you before you throw it out Juliana: Only three to four months. SCORELAND: Do you put on your bra from the front or the back Juliana: From the front. SCORELAND: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it's legal for men to be shirtless Juliana: Yes. For me, it is not a problem. SCORELAND: If you can choose any word or sentence printed on your T-shirt, what would it be Juliana: You want to be with me Can you handle it SCORELAND: When you are out with friends, what do you drink Juliana: I will have a Martini or a whiskey. See More of Juliana Simms at SCORELAND.COM!


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